Non Medical Senior assistance

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My mission is to help seniors continue to live comfortably and independently in their own homes by providing personal assistance with errands, organization, transportation, social outings, companionship, and more.

-Maria McCawley

With personal assistance from A Helping Friend, LLC, life can be simplified, less stressful, more organized and more social. A Helping Friend, LLC is for seniors who need some help to stay home instead of moving elsewhere.

Reasons You May Need My Help:

  • You no longer drive yet still need to run errands, get to appointments, go shopping, etc.

  • You’d rather not ask your family, friends, or neighbors to help with certain things.

  • You’ve recently lost a spouse and need someone to be there for you during this difficult time.

  • You’d like to know you have a friend you can depend on.

  • You’ve been hospitalized or in rehabilitation and need someone to help once you get home.

  • You’d rather stay in your home but it’s becoming more difficult on your own.

  • Your family worries about you living alone.

  • You often feel bored, watch too much tv and/or wish you could be doing things you used to do.

  • You feel lonely or depressed. Having a friend to do things with would be nice.

  • You have projects around the house you can’t get motivated to tackle, a little encouragement and some help could be just what you need.